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Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Muslim world domination plan

Seven phase Al-Qaeda plan ...a vision of Osama bin Laden

1. Phase one is the "awakening" in the consciousness of Muslims worldwide following the September 11, 2001, suicide attacks. The aim of the attacks was to provoke the US into declaring war on the Islamic world and thereby mobilising the radicals.

2. Phase two is "Opening Eyes", the period we are now in and which should last until 2006. Hussein says the terrorists hope to make the "Western conspiracy" aware of the "Islamic community" as al-Qaeda continues to mould its secret battalions ready for battle.

3. Phase three, "Arising and Standing Up", should last from 2007 to 2010, with increasingly frequent attacks against secular Turkey and arch-enemy Israel.

4.Phase four, between 2010 and 2013, will see the downfall of hated Arab regimes, including Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Oil suppliers will be attacked and the US economy will be targeted using cyber terrorism.

5.Phase five will be the point at which an Islamic state, or caliphate, can be declared — between 2013 and 2016.

6.Phase six, from 2016 on, will be a period of "total confrontation". As soon as the caliphate has been declared, the "Islamic army" will instigate the "fight between the believers and the non-believers" that has so often been predicted by al-Qaeda's leader, Osama bin Laden.

7. Phase seven, the final stage, is described as "definitive victory".

US map with Muslim infilteration perctage of population.

The plan includes the desecularization of the West and world domination as desired by their founder. Click on post title for world Muslim map. More later..
Blue areas on map have 1% or more Muslim on this link to go to population website

Russin league with Muslims taking shape

KAZAN, Russia -- Officials and religious figures from Russia and more than a dozen Islamic countries kicked off a conference in Kazan, Russia Wednesday that organizers said was aimed at deepening their dialogue and defending a "multipolar" world in the face of US power.

Read the whole story
bin Ladin plans are from a few years ago so some dates are out of date
Update: 2007/01/04...Ist Muslim US congressman sworn in on Koran..try doing that on a Christian bible in Saudi land

Friday, December 29, 2006

The Fortune 500 Families States of America...the FFF*

While we still have a lot of freedom that most nations do not enjoy we are however in the grasp of mega corporate control. With their flocks of lawyers and billions of public relations dollars they control us as sure as if each of us had a knife to our throats while encompassing less than 1% of the population. The prevailing mantra that only those favored by public notoriety or the wealthy are qualified to serve in public office is the common formula used to pick candidates for our leadership. The FFF* family foundations keep an incessant pressure on our bureaucrats and legislators to retain the favored status of the FFF*. The posting of this article is being done by a man who has spent 7 decades as a patriotic citizen and I remain so but those who thru their lobbyists have exempted the common posterity from the benefits they jealously guard government for the almost exclusive use of FFF* members by manipulating the laws of our nation for FFF* benefits. While there is some infusion of common people DNA from time to time ... for the most part they are genetically linked and inbred for generations far back in history. The answers to this problem lie with the electorate.
My recommendations include:
1. Your own ideas regardless of your station in life or how much government school indoctrination you have received.
2. Vote for the challenger if all things are equal.
3, Elect few lawyers but try to limit their membership in lawmaking bodies to their percentage of the voters( less than a third of 1% of the total population).
4. Get involved at the precinct level and get elected as an official.
5. Boycott corporations who subscribe to a one world view.
5. Boycott products that support anti-family values and use anti-family values spokespersons.
6. Repeal all pork barrel laws that provide corporate welfare including farm, airline, and any others not provided to every citizen. Vote for anti Pork candidates.
7. Hug your loved ones everyday and pray together as a family.
8. Ignore the Hollywood crowd as role models and boycott media that glorify them. They are as a group the most immoral, unpatriotic and uninformed group in our country.
9. Break up the monopoly of multi broadcast media station ownership by corporations and require ownership and management by local residents. It is the Public Media and not the Corporate Media! In fact while you are at it ... repeal all corporate laws and return personal responsibly to the business community.
10. Dismantle the Federal Reserve and return control of the money supply to the Treasury Department.
11. Dismantle the State and National Education departments and prohibit by law the National Education Association and State Teachers Associations from interfering with teachers and with parental control of the education of their children at all levels and return local control to school districts where parents have a vote. Prohibit the bestowing of tenure and reinstate performance standards on educators at all levels of schooling.
12. Pray that God will return our nation to rational thinking common sense leadership at all levels.

Forward this post to every address in your mail system after adding your own views and deleting those of mine with which you disagree!

2006/12/29...God bless America...Jimmie Martin, Blogmaster

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

US Supreme Court rules we are a Christian nation

US Supreme Court Justice David Brewer wrote...
We classify nations in various ways as, for instance, by their form of government. One is a kingdom, another an empire, and still another a republic. Also by race. Great Britain is an Anglo-Saxon nation, France a Gallic, Germany a Teutonic, Russia a Slav. And still again by Religion. One is a Mohammedan nation, others are heathen, and still others are Christian nations.

This republic is classified among the Christians nations of the world. It was formally declared by the Supreme Court of the United States. In the case of Holy Trinity Church vs. United States, 143 U.S. 471, that court [meaning himself], after mentioning various circumstances, added "these and many other matters which might be noticed, add a volume of unofficial declarations to the mass of organic utterances that this is a Christian nation."

But in what sense can it be called a Christian nation? Not in the sense that Christianity is the established religion or that people are in any matter compelled to support it. On the contrary, the Constitution specifically provides that 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.' Neither is it Christian in the sense that all of its citizens are either in fact or name Christian. On the contrary, all religions have free scope within our borders. Numbers of our people profess other religions, and many reject all. Nor is it Christian in the sense that a profession of Christianity is a condition of holding office or otherwise engaging in public service, or essential to recognition either politically or socially. In fact, the government as a legal organization is independent of all religions.

Nevertheless, we constantly speak of this republic as a Christian Nation--in fact, as the leading Christian Nation of the world.

Blogmasters note: In November ABC poll results showed that 83% of our citizens identified themselves as Christian, 4% as other religions and 13% had no clue. When all else fails ... count the steeples!

In contrast Ruth Bader Ginsberg and her ilk ruled for the Pagans in the 2005 case linked below.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who wrote the majority opinion in favor of Wiccans in 2005...we've come a long way since 1905

The choices we make

We all make choices in life. The choice to live in a high risk storm area like Florida, Oklahoma, Texas and New Orleans. We should be willing to take the chances living in high risk areas bring for the good weather and climate we are adapted to.
When the harsh winds of fate blow our way we should be man enough to pick up our own pieces locally and not cry out to compassionate federal authorities to throw money at us. It is of humor all the billions that were wasted on politically connected contractors in Oklahoma and Louisiana after our disasters. Some money filtered thru to the ones affected but gosh I remember that the serious money flowed free and fast to truckers and other subcontractors in our area. Disaster under federal bungling supervision brings strife and grief to some and boondoggle riches to others. We must return to personal responsibility and not load on the national debt on our grandchildren before the world banks foreclose.Another good reason we need people like Tancreda and Tom Coburn in our highest office.

President Ford walked the line

A view from ye ole conservative on old Route 66
G. Gordon Liddy and his fellow burglars at the Watergate were looking for proof that the democrat running for President was accepting money from Castro. If they had found the proof which history says existed then our nation would have traveled a far different path. Nixon was a good president and bipartisan historians will remember his great accomplishments and play down that he tried to protect his operatives. In the grand scheme of things the shadows hold content that can only be guessed at by those of us who not privy to Cuban cigar smoke filled back rooms. The liberal old media are quick to roast Nixon but they never never tell you the story about what the burglars were looking for or that it was proven the Democrats were in league with Castro.
Gerald Ford adeptly guided the nation thru rocky partisan times

Sadaam Hussien hangs today and his people cheer

And the world was a better place four years after they drug his statue down! It is a pity that his countrymen can only hang him once. He was a horrible Hitler clone and faces the wrath of God in his post death interview with the Creator. May peace come to his savaged land as they breath the air of freedom from this despotic insane mind for the first time in decades. Of course his grandchildren will be raised to assert their royal rights..but that is for another generation to solve. Bring the troops home...the job is done and is a success. Let the citizens of Iraq sort out the future for themselves. With CNN embedded we can watch.

A national progessive religion without Jesus Christ

God says He laughs at the foibles of mere mortals who shake their fist in His face
Humanism is a liberal progressive philosophy of life that, stripping God from national recognition , claims to affirm human ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment without help from the Creator. Which of course God allows thru free will..."but the end therof" is bleak. Humanism is the philosophy of public government education at all levels.
Note: When the humanist says without supernaturalism they mean "without Jesus Christ" and atheistic self worship is what they foster on our country!

The American Humanist movement is an outgrowth of the efforts of ACLU founder John Dewey considered the father of the mega failure we call modern education. It is the prevalent view of the National Education Association and has cast its shadow over the miseducation of our children as the test scores plummet. It is the prevalent view practiced by most Supreme Court Justices and finds its way into recent law at an alarming rate. It has sprinkled into its views some good and honorable points but the overriding philosophy is the rejection of the Christian foundation of our country and God and His Holy Writ. The mainline churches while calling themselves Christian have by and large adopted the Humanist Creed. It embraces liberalism, abortion, homosexuality, and a one world government wholeheartedly. It is the legitimate offspring of Marx and could have been predicted by our Lord as an "end time religion" ..."having a form of religion but denying the power therof".
Humanists are the force behind removal of God from our schools, public buildings and monuments
The Humanist agenda will make all faith based verbiage be codified into law as Hate Speech. They would change Freedom of Religion to Freedom from Religion!

Oklahoma City Bombing congress report December 27, 2006

Bombing links

Charles Key's group
Probe of Islamic ties
'obstructed' by feds
Congressman who chaired panel says public
'would be outraged if they knew the extent'

Posted: December 23, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern
By Art Moore
© 2006
Justice Department hallway
Federal officials were "outrageously obstructive" during a congressional probe examining possible Islamic terrorist and foreign ties to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, according to a congressman who disclosed to WND some of the highlights of a subcommittee report scheduled for release next week.
"The public would be outraged if they knew the extent of obstruction, or lack of cooperation, that has been given to this investigation," said Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., who led the probe as chairman of the International Relations' Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations
Congress report rebukes FBI for Oklahoma City investigation
Associated Press writer Wednesday, December 27, 2006
WASHINGTON -- The FBI failed to fully investigate information suggesting other suspects may have helped Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols with the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, allowing questions to linger more than a decade after the deadly attack, a congressional inquiry concludes.

click headline for link to story in Casper Star Tribune
Charles Key, Distict 90 Oklahoma Representative
Perhaps Charles Key's efforts to full investigate the attack on our city by Islamic radical foreign agents working with McVeigh and Nickels will take up the search for John Doe 3 that was ordered dropped by the FBI the day of the bombing. See link above to Charles Key group and congratulate him.
Thnks to all who persisted in this uncovering

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I may be dumb but I'm not stupid

I have been in Oklahoma for about 7 decades and for at least 6 of those decades I have exercised some cognitive prowess and have what is called a photographic memory. So I remember the years of seasons of my life and it just is not so that our weather is changing. We have had hot and cold and tornadoes and dust storms and droughts and floods and a lot of Indian Summer days. From my early youth I have heard my elders say "If you don't like the Oklahoma weather ... just will be different tomorrow...and it was. The political weather fortune hunters are just out and out disinformation peddlers. I support our Senator Tom Coburn in his standoff with them. Go get em Doctor!
Coburn for Senate 2008

Monday, December 25, 2006

OKC bombing report due Wednesday

Congress will release the result of two years of study of the Oklahoma bombing on Wednesday. The Blogmaster was near the site downtown and helped transport victims to area hospitals after the attack. The local media was cooperating with local police based on eyewitness reports and looking for a mixed race group in an old pickup most of the day after the 9AM bombing. The FBI ordered local officials to drop that search in the afternoon. Views OK will publish comments on the report and links to the congressional document when it is released on Wednesday.
Jayna Davis a reporter with Channel 4 in Oklahoma City has much to say about this event. Jayna Davis comments
The target of her investigation (who filed a libel lawsuit against her) was Hussain Hashem Al-Hussaini and so the plot thickens. Jayna is the author of the exhaustive book about the OKC bombing 'The Third Terrorist: The Middle East Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing'.
A friend of mine who was the Program Director of WKY (then talk radio)kept beating the drum about Arab connections and tho young dropped dead of a "heart attack" in his front yard a few months later. Gaylord leased the station to KTOK within weeks of the death and fired the whole staff. Seemed strange to me. I had a Cell Fone and Pager shop downtown and when they closed Main Street they shut me off from my customers. I did live feeds for several radio stations around the nation during that time including about thirty minutes on the G. Gordon Liddy show. A sad time for our nation if enemies of freedom really were involved in this horror. The ATF guys in their ninja suits were all over our town and treated us like an occupied enemy territory. I talked to some and they were stone cold with no since of humor. The absence of American cloth flags on their uniforms struck me because most law enforcement people have that patch.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Red's Tater and Oklahoma Lefty agree!

This flag is apolitical

News From The Oklahoma Lefty

Another progressive blogger to accept my offer is Dave at The Oklahoma Lefty blog.

Dave and I have traded barbs and disagreed so much that another blogger has the question "Will Red Stater and Oklahoma Lefty EVER agree on anything?" in an opinion poll.
Well, here's the answer.
Oklahoma Lefty and Red Stater stand together as Americans (not lefty's or rightwingers) today and I give the credit to Dave.
As I said below about Otter, it's not easy to speak out against all those who normally agree with you. It takes guts (courage). Dave has courage (guts).
I don't know much about Dave, but he has two children and is a very proud dad that is for sure.
He is passionate about politics and studies religion from a variety of perspectives and someday hopes to be a published author. Dave writes about all things progressive and contributes to several blogs besides Oklahoma Lefty on a regular basis.
I hope his dream to publish his work comes true even though I probably won't agree with much of it. (as if that matters)
Here is Daves post in full from Oklahoma Lefty...

Red Stater posed a couple of challenges to “liberal bloggers” to help unite the country over the war in Iraq. It’s hard to image uniting the country over this issue and admittedly I was skeptical of this “offer.”

After reading both of the posts in question, I was still skeptical until I got to this part:

“Disclaimer: Supporting victory does not mean you believe that victory is assured or that you even believe we are in a war, (or that you like Bush) but does mean that IF we are in a war, and IF victory is possible, that you support said victory. ie: Victory in Iraq.”

This is actually reasonable. Often what you hear and read from supports of the Bush administration is that if you disagree with the President then you are obviously against the troops (I spelled it right this time) and hate America. In the quote above, Red has shown an understanding of the flawed nature of to this way of thinking. We will never all agree on everything, but there are some things that we can all I agree on and I think we can all agree that we need to succeed in Iraq. Where many disagree is how that success will be achieved.

I’m in favor of drastically increasing our troop levels in Iraq to properly stabilize the country and give them time to get their infrastructures up and running. We owe them that. Life under Saddam was horrible, but most of them knew how to play the game. It was a terrible existence but they knew the rules. We shattered that and now there are no rules. It is possible that if we left, then the Iraqi’s could find their own feet, but that doesn’t seem right to me. We have a moral obligation to help them achieve stability and a working government.

Much of the criticism of the war has been based on its execution (and why we went to war, but that is beating a dead horse at this point). The war has been run poorly to say the least and that needs to change. I think if the strategy drastically changed in Iraq and we saw those changes having positive results, then more people would support the war. Anti-war folks often quote the polls that show 70% of America being against the war. The fact is that the masses at not always right. There were millions of people who were against desegregation. They were wrong. There were millions of people against giving black and women the right to vote. They were wrong. There were millions of people of purchased Brittney Spears and Jessica Simpson CD’s. Those people were definitely wrong (or at the very least have no taste).

A while back I wrote a post about the possible ways to end the war. I wrote about possibly leaving and possibly increasing out troops and how we need to either crap or get off the pot. We cannot continue with this war the way its been run and hope to succeed. We need change. We need a new direction in Iraq that helps us help the Iraqi’s win back their country. Now that we are there, we need to succeed in Iraq.

Friday, December 22, 2006

The sleeping giant is waking up!

Subject: The sleeping giant is waking up

I've been watching!
Watching the slow decline in moral fiber in our country over the years. Watching the Bible dumpers prevailing over Bible thumpers. Watching as our country yielded to forces that hate our way of life. Watching now as the tide turns. People are stepping up and saying ..."Enough" and taking action. My view from Oklahoma is that we have in place at the national level two great Senators and congresspersons that are conservative. Boren tho hanging out with the liberal DNC is far more conservative than many of the GOP from other states. Furthermore the return to faith as evidenced by church affiliation in recent polls showing our citizenry embolden in search of traditional family values. The recent election was a repudiation of the broken promises of the GOP leadership and not an embracing of socialist stands of the winning party. When you look at it closely you find that the democrats ran on conservative principles. The war certainly played a part but that is whole different matter removed from political views. The most adamant anti-war demonstrator still wants his person and family to be defended and protected. I hope the move to the right by the democrats was not just pragmatic campaign promises and they will form coalitions with patriots across the isle because in the final analysis is only in a defended and secure country that freedom can prosper for all of us.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mother Jones nags Senator Inhofe

water water everywhere in Oklahoma
Our beloved Sen. James Inhofe has come to the attention of Mother Jones nag mag of the green green mean liberal inviro/whacko corporate money machine. Oklahoma weather is a swing back and for forth weather I have loved for 70 years. Weather has become a political tool for those who make their living off prognostications and media events.

And so the little rich kids on a liberal jaunt playing like journalists had this to say about our Senior Senator...

"Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma is America's foremost global warming denier (he called global warming "the greatest hoax every perpetrated on the American people" and compared global warming warnings to the deceptions of the Third Reich), and as the chairman of the Environment and Public Works committee is probably more responsible than anyone except President Bush for America's inaction on the subject. Well, God or Nature or someone is pissed off, and it/they know exactly who to go after.

Oklahoma, it seems, is experiencing the worst drought conditions and wildfires in the United States. Nine and a half million acres have been burned by wild fires nationwide in 2006, a record. One could say proof of global warming is shining Inhofe in the face like sun glare off a prairie highway."

Rainbow states update

Post on Rainbow states has been updated to three states over the edge. See original edited post below.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The view of war from my 70'th year

Texas A&I with snow
Kingsville NAAS South Field
As I approach my 70th birthday I am amazed at how fast time has flown. It is clear in my memory the day that the guy on the radio outside Lone Wolf, Oklahoma said that Japan had surrendered. The grown ups were so happy and I remember a short time later watching my uncle Tommy Costner in his uniform with his duffle bag thrown over his shoulder coming up the road home from the war. I remember the cute little blonde girl who was the wheat farmer's daughter that my people sharecropped for and the good times in the hay barn. I remember the German prisoners from Granite Reformatory picking cotton in the field outside my bedroom window and the guards on horses with big rifles watching them. The Korean war took another uncle to the Pacific islands and his wife sent him a dear john letter while he was away. I heard tell she collected his allotment checks right up to the month he came back. Finally I came of age and went to war myself ending up an Air Traffic Controller
The wings I proudly wore
on Midway Island at the Naval Air Base.
Midway 1500 miles from everywhere

I saw the graves of Japanese Marines that came aboard on Midway during the WWII Battle of Midway and the bullet scars in the hangers from the battle. I watched an Atomic bomb blast on that same island my uncle had served on from the beach on Midway with special dark glasses at 2 AM in the morning and the world lit up brighter than day. It sent chills down my spine. I watch Bob Hope make jokes from the cargo plane door and saw a U2 landing on Midway that could have been Gary Powers. I met first ever seen black pilot and flight planned his flight back to California for him. I came home thru San Francisco attended Texas A&M at Kingsville, Texas and worked for the King Ranch at their radio station in town. Before Midway while stationed at Kingsville NAAS I cleared President Kennedy's plane for landing to go on a hunting trip with Dick Kleburg. During college there a while later with my wife in college at noon break watched Kennedy shot to death live in Dallas on our first color tv. Some old timers on campous said he was going to expose the shadow government that controls the Federal Reserve and the money supply in the USA. That was Johnson territory and stories abounded about how sorry a human he was. He was a sorry President to.

I was out of the Navy before Vietnam and my oldest son served 6 years in the 45th Infantry Division...the 3 generation to serve with the Thunderbirds. My grandsons are 17 and 10 and perhaps we will be called upon to help defend our country again. True I served in the peace time war and they may be called to service in active war but it all important. I did recieve one dear john letter of my own during my service. She and I are still friends and fellow members of the Society of Oklahoma Poets.
I firmly believe that if it were not for our warrior attitude and the fact that our citizenry is heavily armed with ample ammunition our enemies would have invaded these fruited plains long ago. Today we have an influx of those who care more for their originating homeland than they do for the United States and we must be on our guard to protect our women and children. In advance I know some will question my assumption that men will do the protecting but for the most part that is the case. Young men die to protect their country and tribe in history and that has not changed. God bless America and her freedoms and God bless those who fight to keep us free and God bless those who back up the defenders. Remember the Blood shed for your freedom!

Humanist Manifesto as promoted by NEA, ACLU, CFR, courts and the US Dept of Education

The main force behind the original Humanist Manifesto was John Dewey...the father of modern education and founding member of the ACLU!!! Can you see how the ACLU (with help from the change agent courts) lawyers have worked over education and remade in the Karl Marx's image?

Parents...Search this document it you will find the basis of the lobbied in laws and regulations of the National Department of Education, State Education Departments and the hard fast rules your local school board yields their authority to. It does not have to be...insist they turn down the federal money and it's humanist rules and supervise the education of our children as they are elected to. Humanism is pure Marxist thought and Communist principles...check it out!
Remember this is not a liberal/conservative/libertarian issue ... this is the future freedom of religion, press, and speech of our country and children.

After clicking the link above and reading their Humanist Manifesto...Are you angry now? Take action at the next school board meeting

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The blogmasters religious views in one paragraph

Dave asked me:"Please explain to me how you can support your stance that there are not religions that pre-date Judaism. This goes against most, if not all known archeological and anthropological research." <

Archeology has been a great boon to proving the authenticity of the Hebrew bible. Great men of letters (like the ones at National Geographic..great pictures and little substance)once said that Abram was a myth until they dug up "Ur of the Chaldees"...right now they are trying to rewrtie history and do in Jesus Christ.
Of course I know from the biblical record that "Judaism" came our of Abram, Issac and Jacob but there is an unbroken line of "Believers in the Most High Creator" that goes back to the creation of Adam in the Garden of Eden. Before Abram was called out of "Ur of the Chaldeas" and started the line that produced Israel there was an occurrence after the Noah flood when all of the descendants of Noah, Shem, Jephthah, and Ham came together at the tower of Babel to produce a "one world government and religion'...sould familiar?. God had told them to scatter and replenish the earth and they disobeyed. They had a common language and He gave them a multiplicity of languages and scattered them appointing each new tribe to specified parts of the globe. In my linage the Cherokees said that the Great Spirit had given them their land in the Georgia area. It seems to me that language, culture and religious viewpoint go hand in hand. Noah and Shem were still living at that time so obviously were part of the scattering. Some believe that Noah was the first Ruler of China and Shem the second. The ancient Chinese had a Border Animal Sacrifice similar to what Israel practiced later. It is hard for me to understand other religions that I am not culturized to but study has given me some understanding. Perhaps the King that Abram paid tribute to was Shem. At any rate there was an unbroken line of verbal communication of the pre flood world, the fall in the Garden of Eden and all the other history. The ancients lived far longer than we do and some believe that we as humans are losing cognitive prowess that our forefathers possessed. Another clue we have to their knowledge of history was the Mazzaroth (link below) which was a study of the constellations that predates writing and it's later perversion into Astrology . So that Dave is where I am here at the end of days" for my human journey. I consider Universal Reconciliation )see link below) a great possibility in God's grand scheme of things. Even our Sci/Fi writers can invasion a God who could speak into existence a Cosmos of positive and negative electricity that formed themselves into Galaxy's, suns and planets. Sure He could provide the searcher for truth in any age....the answers. I and ONLY I am responsible for my faith/obedience to the Most High. I will set with my Creator one on one to answer for my journey. I will need the Grace He promised. I hope this helps explain my position...the links below are provided as benchmarks of my journey...thanks for asking. Jimmie

Science and Bible compatible

This church was like seminary to me

lotta great old books


Universal questions


A SCIENTIFIC DISSENT FROM DARWINISM...a partial list of the signers...visit the site for more information.
“We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged.”
This list is publicly updated on a quarterly basis – last update June 2006. Scientists listed by doctoral degree or current position.
Philip Skell Emeritus, Evan Pugh Prof. of Chemistry Pennsylvania State University Member of the National Academy of Sciences
Lyle H. Jensen Professor Emeritus Dept. of Biological Structure & Dept. of Biochemistry University of Washington, Fellow AAAS
Maciej Giertych Full Professor, Institute of Dendrology Polish Academy of Sciences
Lev Beloussov Prof. of Embryology, Honorary Prof., Moscow State University Member, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
Eugene Buff Ph.D. Genetics Institute of Developmental Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences
Emil Palecek Prof. of Molecular Biology, Masaryk University; Leading Scientist Inst. of Biophysics, Academy of Sci., Czech Republic
K. Mosto Onuoha Shell Professor of Geology & Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Univ. of Nigeria Fellow, Nigerian Academy of Science
Ferenc Jeszenszky Former Head of the Center of Research Groups Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Henry Schaefer Director, Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry University of Georgia
Russell Carlson Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology University of Georgia
Michael Behe Professor of Biological Science Lehigh University
Alan Linton Emeritus Professor of Bacteriology University of Bristol
Dean Kenyon Emeritus Professor of Biology San Francisco State University
David W. Forslund Ph.D. Astrophysics, Princeton University Fellow of American Physical Society
Robert W. Bass Ph.D. Mathematics (also: Rhodes Scholar; Post-Doc at Princeton) Johns Hopkins University
John Hey Associate Clinical Prof. (also: Fellow, American Geriatrics Society) Dept. of Family Medicine, Univ. of Mississippi
Daniel W. Heinze Ph.D. Geophysics (also: Post-Doc Fellow, Carnegie Inst. of Washington) Texas A&M University
William Dembski Ph.D. Mathematics University of Chicago
David Chapman* Senior Scientist Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Giuseppe Sermonti Professor of Genetics, Ret. (also: Editor, Rivista di Biologia/Biology Forum) University of Perugia (Italy)
Stanley Salthe Emeritus Professor Biological Sciences Brooklyn College of the City University of New York
Donald Ewert Ph.D. Microbiology University of Georgia
Bernard d'Abrera Visiting Scholar, Department of Entomology British Museum (Natural History)
Mae-Wan Ho Ph.D. Biochemistry Hong Kong University
Scott Minnich Professor, Dept of Microbiology, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry University of Idaho
Jeffrey Schwartz Assoc. Res. Psychiatrist, Dept. of Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences University of California, Los Angeles
Ralph Seelke Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology University of Wisconsin, Superior
Annika Parantainen Ph.D. Biology University of Turku (Finland)
Stay tuned as the list grows as rational thought is reborn in academia

Monday, December 18, 2006

Worth reprinting from Red Stater

This was just to good a reply to not bring it here... Red Stater was replying to criticism from Oklahoma Left on his blog"
Red Stater said...
i don't do much "cut n paste" there dave... once in a while just for a change or to emphasize a point...maybe...
In fact another lib (kittenstomper i think) criticized me for not using enough links and quotes from others...and giving too much of only my opinion.
(make up your minds)

I just noticed that most of your posts are actually someone elses opinion that you just agree this one or just a video with one sentence at the bottom. It seemed odd after your comments to me.

That's fine, but a bit hypocritical when you try and criticize others for that, don't ya' think?

You won't find a single post of mine copied from limbaugh, hannity, o'reilly, coulter or any of your other favorite hate targets by me.

I did pick up the Jamil Hussein story, and provided links over to, but that's because my exclusive david podvin post became part of floppingaces bigger story.
I did post JFK's inaugural address (as a public service to liberals)

what is the point of only picking stories from other bloggers and copying them to my site?

That's worthless (lame) in my opinion, you just become a blog links directory. Besides, it's been done...
I have no control over who agrees with me. Nor do I care.

When you go to Red Stater, you will get the news and views according to me.
-red stater
i don't care if alfranken agrees or disagrees and i don't care if rush agrees or not. I don't even care if the President agrees or not.

I am angered that a bunch of "useful idiots" seem to be more interested in proving Bush is a liar and getting democrats in power than they are with our safety while the throatcutters cheer them on.

i care about our borders and the flood of illegal immigrants.
i care about the unborn as well as women.(pregnant or not)
i care about stopping child molesters and keeping them stopped.
i care about the poor and i care about those with businesses who provide jobs so fewer are poor in the first place.
i care about the first amendment and the second one too.(yes and the rest as well)
i care that liberals continually say outrageous intentionally hurtful things yet think they are somehow immune or exempt.

i write my views,
try it sometime... ya' might like it.

12/18/2006 2:12 PM "

Well done!

The hostile invasion of the USA

The invasion of the USA by hordes who keep allegiance to another country has been underway for some time. President Bush for his own elitist reasons has done little to stifle the flow of illegals into our Homeland. He is joined in that effort by special interests who see the influx as expanding their religious or political base.
The open admitted agenda is a North American Super Country with Canada, the USA and Mexico as the nucleus of a super nation without the protection of the US constitution under mega corporation control. The North American Super Highway from central America to Canada is the backbone of the plan and is well underway. The Super Highway played into the politics of the Texas elections this year. The political make up as it now consists with Bush and the Democrats on the same page on this issue makes it a dangerous time for freedom loving patriotic citizens. Feeding the fire are those lying to the Hispanic Liberation Theology movement in the Southwestern states. They are taught that states like California, Arizona, New Mexico and others are really their homeland. The fact is that over 100 tribes of North American Native Americans remain and are currently recognized by the governing authorities in our nation. This is their homeland and not the homeland of the protesting law breakers who illegally or legally migrated here in this century. The indigenous tribes of all our 50 states have a small but proud remnant who are still in their tribal territory. The great majority have intermarried with the occupying Europeans and over half of the population carries the DNA of the original inhabitants and Caucasians migrants since 1492. I am one of those mixed bloods and the recent legal immigrants are welcome if they assimilate our language and culture but the illegals with their lying rhetoric in not. The rogue catholic priests who are advocating the violent overthrow of the majority elected government of the United States should be chastised by their ruling religious authority and prosecuted by the federal authorities. The FCC licensed broadcast media that advocate the violent overthrow of our government must have their public broadcast licence revoked for the rule of law to prevail. Voters must take back control of their political parties at the local level and then make their voices heard in state and national levels to stop this travesty.
May God protect us from our inept national leadership

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Rainbow states show true colors

picture has no relation to anything
In the next election we will have Red Staters, Blue Staters and Rainbow Staters. Two of our 50 states have capitulated (or is it copulated?)to the Perversity Movement and are approving gay marriage. No figures are yet available on anal birth rates for those states and new bathroom signs are still under study by the Select GLBT accommodations committee. The Perversity Movement is usurping the Diversity movement and face a lawsuit from Jesse Jackson over the logo rights to the rainbow. The right amount of money will calm Jesse's fears and all will be well on the democratic homo(sp) front.

December 21st update... Make it three states now that shucked their Judeo/Christian heritage and have legalized pseudo marriage.
This happening at a time when our Citizens are returning to church in record numbers. A poll last month from ABC showed 83% of US identify themselves as Christian, 04% identify as other religions and 13% as no identity.
This Christan nation has always allowed other religions to practice in freedom. God bless and keep America, liberal, conservative and even the Libertarians (smile here)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Was Jesus Christ who He said He was?

It rings true to me that He was and is the Creator of the Cosmos and all that is came from the words in His mouth in Genesis. Some crime can be pinned on the church at Rome and other professing Christians including a good many of the protestant organizations for viscous excesses and organizational selfishness furthering their own ends. They have put the words of their leaders over the past few hundred years on a level with Holy Scripture and many even claim to represent Him on earth. Meaningless words of frail but egotistical human beings that lead to error after error.
In the main the devote followers in (and out) of these political religious organizations posing as churches of the Jesus Christ of the Bible are humble caring worshipers who assimilate His traits and promote Him and His Kingdom. They shy away from placing any other than the Creator in a position of worship. Yes He was and is the person He held Himself out to be and He will judge those who have brought error and confusion to His Words in Holy Writ! He was conceived by the Holy Spirit around the end of December and was born the next year around the end of September. For documentation on these claims visit the link sites. If your pastor cared about truth you would all ready have been taught this simple truth. Many more truths not found in popular preaching await the diligent searcher.

one solitary soul's opinion

For more information

another independent source

Friday, December 15, 2006

A report from Dr. Coburn...our Jr. Senator

Friday, December 15, 2006

Earmark ban shows Congress can change

By U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D.

In the wake of the recent elections that saw Republicans lose their majority I’ve been reminding my colleagues that the election was not only a referendum on Iraq, but the way Congress does business. Voters were particularly disgusted with the earmark and influence peddling scandals that plagued Congress. Disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff confirmed taxpayer’s fears when he said the appropriations committees in Congress had become “earmark favor factories” for lobbyists and special interests. The good news coming out of Washington, however, is Congress may finally be getting the message that it’s time to shut down the favor factory.

Two recent developments give me hope the culture of Washington may be changing for the better. First, before Congress adjourned for the year members agreed on a budget plan that killed 10,000 individual earmarks or pork projects. By this act alone, Congress reduced the total number of earmarks by 80 percent compared to last year and we reduced the dollar amount dedicated to earmarks by $50 billion. Last year, Congress spent $64 billion on special interest earmarks, which is nearly 10 times the size of Oklahoma’s state budget and nearly equal to the $65 billion we spent on veterans’ benefits and services. This year, we financed approximately $14 billion worth of earmarks. The $50 billion difference in the amount we spent on earmarks last year compared to this year is a huge sum – it exceeds the annual gross national product of two out of every three countries on earth. Congress can now direct those funds to more important priorities.

Second, Democratic leaders deserve credit for taking this victory one step further by pledging to freeze spending at current levels for one year, and by promising to not pass any new earmarks until real earmark reform becomes law. Although I will approach this plan with a “trust but verify” mindset, this development could be a major victory for taxpayers and lead to savings of tens of billions of dollars.

When I ran for the Senate I promised to fight wasteful Washington spending and earmarks, in particular, because earmarks are the gateway drug that leads to spending addiction in Congress. In the past five years, discretionary spending increased by 50 percent. It is no coincidence that during the same period the total cost of earmarks also grew by 50 percent. In recent years, many members of Congress who were otherwise fiscally conservative voted for bloated spending bills because they didn’t want to lose their earmarks.

I’ve always said reining in earmarks is only the first step in reducing wasteful Washington spending. In the past two years, the Senate subcommittee I chaired found that the federal government wastes about $200 billion per year through improper payments, fraud, duplication and other inefficiencies. Congress’ new pork-free diet, however, is a significant step in the right direction that, if maintained, will change the culture in Washington and make it far easier to address our other financial challenges.

Our greatest financial challenge is what economists refer to as the “demographic tsunami” of retiring baby boomers that will hit our economy by 2012. Boarding up the earmark favor factory means that members of Congress will have more time to focus on higher priorities, such as protecting programs like Social Security and Medicare. If we do nothing to fix those programs, seniors will lose benefits and our children and grandchildren will drown in debt and higher taxes.

The handful of Oklahoma projects that will be delayed while Congress abstains from pork is a small price to pay for the enormous long-term benefits we could gain from a change in direction in Washington. Even in the short-term, going without earmarks for one year means that Oklahoma taxpayers won’t be forced to finance wasteful earmarks in 49 other states, such as Bridges to Nowhere, teapot museums and sculpture parks. Furthermore, any worthwhile earmark for Oklahoma can, and should, be funded within the regular appropriations or competitive grant process.

Next year, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure the Democratic leaders who made these promises do not go back on their word. In the meantime, weary taxpayers should be encouraged by the knowledge that when they rise up and make their voices heard, change in Washington can happen.
Senate site

Thursday, December 14, 2006

US Senator Ted Kennedy school of driving

Water Hazards and other impediments to political careers

- The information found in this site is extracted from Senatorial Privilege by Leo Damore. Mr Damore conducted over 200 interviews, many with people close to the case, including police officers. He had access to the files on Chappaquiddick locked in the district attorney's vault in Barnstable, and to personal notes about the case kept by key investigators of the accident.
- Some of the most powerful revelations in Senatorial Privilege were supplied by Joseph Gargan, who for nearly 20 years had remained silent and allowed himself to be made the scapegoat in the tragic death of Miss Kopechne

Click link below to go to site...

Democratic leader and Senator Ted K.
Book Available
Barnes & Noble

Monday, December 11, 2006

Baracka Hussein Obama..a man of many religions

Baracka Hussein Obama is not what he appears to be! Not only does he profess to be pro-life and pro-abortion at deffernent lecterns...he also is a rainbow of religious affiliation. It depends on the day if he prays five times or not at all. Do we have 2 Muslims in the Congress? One each in the House and Senate? Father time will tell all...stay tuned!
A google of the life of B. Hussein Obama shows that he spent two years in a Muslim school. His biological father was a Muslim and apparently his mother leans to that faith because as her second husband she choose another Muslim. He has been raised and tutored by non Christians. His politics are anti personal gun ownership, pro abortion and he follows the whole litany of the ultra liberal democratic left. His popularity is a direct result of the media barrage following the DNC win. Remember the Oriental general who said a couple thousand years ago..."War is the art of deception"
We can not afford to have this guy sneak into our highest office. In two speeches in Hew Hampshire this week his question sparing ability was sophomoric. He displayed deep anger when asked about his middle name "Hussein" which he has attempted to conceal in his website and press releases. He said that middle names were not important and "What if someone middle name was "Adolph" would we question him about it...damn right we would especially if the fictional "middle name hider" had attended a Nazi school as a youth and his father and step Fatah were in the Gestapo. Baracka Hussein's meteoric rise to fame will burn out soon in the glaring light of truth brought out by reporters with enough guts to ask the tough questions. Questions like: Do you pray 5 times a day? Have you ever made a pilgrimage to Mecca? Do you plan a pilgrimage in the future? Do you recognize Christianity as the dominate religion of the USA. Will you vote to provide security to Israel and to condemn those who bomb them? Do you believe that Jesus Christ is divine? Do you reject any vow you made to Jihad as a youth?

Most of this information was gleaned from Obama's own writings and speeches
more information at JIHAD Watch

Friday, December 8, 2006

Reprint from Christian defense blog

Silly morality dance in the USA
Right now there is a hunt underway for a gay doctor who was photographing his drugged male patients of various ages and sodomizing them. In the last election a national office holder had to resign after it was disclosed that one of his male objects of affection was a year to young to qualify for the consenting adults mantra that abounds in our country.
On the other hand gay groups nationwide are crowing about the gay Representative that sneaked into the Oklahoma state house without media disclosure that he was homosexual. It is a time of transition in our country where the change agents are trying to push same sex marriage and adoption on the general moral church going public who are mostly living their lives in the normal moral mode.
The sexuality change agents have mostly captured the leadership of the democratic party and are now quietly working to infiltrate the GOP. Their aim to make it a crime to hold a moral opinion that does harm to same sex perversity at any level from elementary schools to the adult work place and church staff or membership requirements. Moral citizens must stand up for the values that built this country. The values that admitted the wrongness of segregation. The morality of the voting males that passed the laws avowing the female vote. The morality that insisted on child labor laws. The founding fathers morality that recognized the rights and freedoms of press, speech and religion that are under fire from the one world view liberal change agents.

If you can read this post thank your teacher but also thank your heterosexual progenitors who each contributed their female and male part to your existence!
posted by Private Opinion at 1:27 PM
For more posts on this subject

.reprinted with author's permission

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Death of Freedom of Speech on Campus!

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education released a report today revealing that burdensome restrictions on speech are commonplace at America’s colleges and universities. For the report, entitled Spotlight on Speech Codes 2006: The State of Free Speech on Our Nation’s Campuses, FIRE surveyed more than 330 schools and found that an overwhelming majority of them explicitly prohibit speech that, outside the borders of campus, is protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
Read the article here

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Feminist war on the God of the Bible

Feminist ideas are creeping into the Christian church.

Increasingly Christian women are succumbing to the peer pressure around them and moving away from a literal approach to scriptural admonitions.
The popular opinion is almost universal that husbands have little or no authority over the family. The bible clearly states that a Christian husband/father is to have authority over his family with a strict set of proscribed responsibilities in exercising that control.
The bible mandate is clear that men are to exercise the responsibly exclusively of preacher/pastor and yet increasingly that office is being invaded by females. "A pastor must be the husband of one wife" the bible states and yet the popular political movement to emasculate males is marching females to the pulpit. Your Creator has His reasons for the principles He sat down in His Holy Writ and it becomes evident as we look at the influence of those who have usurped male positions as they increasingly are ignoring the words of the books of the bible and are traveling new paths fraught with error that lead away from the Holy One.
Men do not need permission to exercise their fatherhood of the family! Presumptive leadership is required of Christian husbands/fathers by God regardless of the biblical ignorance that surrounds them. Be what God wants you to be: a leader and moulder of your family in the tried and proven ways of God.
A small quite voice will whisper...well done

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Do You Believe in Christmas? What is Christmas and what does it mean to you? For those of us who are Christians, it means more than the lights, the shopping, or wrapped presents under the tree. If it were, then the spirit of man really yearns for something more than that and is so empty. Al the answers the world has to give will never satisfy the yearning heart. There is only one answer that will, and that is Christ. Christians know that every day is Christmas because God has given us the gift of His dear Son. No matter what problems you are suffering this time of year, Christ is the answer. He is the reason to celebrate yet we get so distracted and caught up in the materialism. The birth of God’s Son was not just some unfulfilled promise. The birth of Christ was the culmination of events that have been promised and pre-ordained from before the foundation of the world and became flesh in the fulness of time as Galatians 4:4 (KJV) says ”But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman...” The lesson on 12-22-2002 takes you on a journey through scripture to trace the promise of Christ back to the beginning of time... even before time. The lesson covers the prophetical phenomenon of that the birth of Christ fulfilled.

Go to Christmas story

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Redeploy from Japam

Redeploy from Japan and bring our troups home
With the recent flurry of anti0war rhetoric in the country perhaps we should take a long hard look at our occupation of Japan. Of course most of our troupe related incidents in the Japan occupying force are DUI related and the occupied country is generally friendly to our dollars it is worth the thought. ..this post is tongue in cheek as the poster believes that the US forces in Japan are critical to our first line defense

Crumbling bridge

Our children are often called our "Bridge to the future" and it is clear that the educational bridge has become irreparable. No amount of money we have thrown at the problem has fixed it. It is time for the parents as voters and citizens to take back control of their children's education. Parents provide the food, shelter and clothing of their offspring with out help from the teachers unions. Imagine the chaos that would result if the National Education Association was involved with the other aspects of raising a child!The answers is to privatize education thru the voucher system or other inovations... The mega billions of money that pours down the greedy selfish nationally unionized sewer called modern education put back in the parents hands could purchase educational services excellence for all students. Harsh as it may seem to those who draw the public school paycheck to dismantle this "broken bridge" you would probably find the profit better in your own well managed private school effort. Millions of great teachers would respond to the call for local private schools and the result would be free enterprise excellence for every student..Let us build a new bridge to the future where food, shelter, clothing and education are equally and solely the domain and responsibity of parents and free the government to do it's mandated responsibilities building roads, postal efforts , defending our borders and country, and other legitimate functions.Home schoolers and private schools have shown us the way. What works for them will work for everyone.

Jimmie Martin

Newcastle, Oklahoma

We all agree...Snow will come again this year!

Political Powered by The Oklahoman and NEWS 9
published in the Daily Oklahoman 2006...Letters to the Powered by The Oklahoman and NEWS 9

"The highest temperature recorded in Oklahoma is 120°, Fahrenheit. This record high was recorded on July 26, 1934 at Tishomingo." according to records maintained by the Government. Bush was not even born them so you can't blame him. Few automobiles were putting around Tishomingo .Will Rogers and Wiley Post were among a dozen or so flying airplanes around the state. The weather then and now was just going thru normal oscillations.Weather talk has become a political tool of the left and they would have us believe that the human race is ruining the planet. The earth has seasons that can be measured annually or multi-annually so never fear the snow will come again this year.Jimmie Martin Newcastle, Oklahoma

some of Blogmasters family last year with famous politically correct snow man in Yukon Oklahoma.

update!!!snow did come again last warming crowd have been in urgent meetings all year to reformulate theory

The generations come and go from a Martin great great great grandfather who was born in Georgia and lived in Texas to his Martin descendant who lives in central Oklahoma the DNA marches on to the future. Christianity...The link that binds them...A belief in a time beyond time when we shall all be together again. As shure as the Son does shine in that day we will have the tears wiped from our eyes by our Creator and so shall we be after joy as the ages undfold.
. Yellow Hills Tiny Chapel pictured here

A day...a glorious day is coming!

Yes, "the crowning day is coming,"
and all heaven shall soon resound with the triumphant song, "Thou art worthy...for Thou wast slain and hast redeemed us to God by Thy blood" (Rev 5:9).
The shameful Cross will be followed by a glorious crown, and "every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."
"Mighty Victor, reign for ever,
Wear the crown so dearly won;
Never shall Thy people, never
Cease to sing what Thou hast done.
Thou hast fought Thy people's foes;
Thou wilt heal Thy people's woes!"

It is well with my soul..

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How can you set there with that smug look on your face ... eternity comes fast and you don't know your place ... Fate is standing in the dark shadows playing to your pride ... and here you are unconcerned like time was on your side ... The day will come when your ladder of life has no more rungs ... and all your choices will expire with the breath in your lungs. .. The nearest Bible can help you make your choice of eternal habitation ... for you can find Christ Jesus in every book from Genesis to Revelation. .. jdm2006/02/09" posted on Want to talk about eternity?

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Tracks of a friend in the snow I have lain on the path of bone chilling fear ... watched as the death angel hovered near ... Midnight I rode the trail where black lion stalked ... my steed snorting his course stayed.. balked ... I lost my seat and the moon swirled around ... my head was the first to kiss frozen ground ... My body bounced down the Arbuckles crag ... the earth drank my blood and there I laid ... and dreamed the dream of death’s opening door ... of life unlived and path’s untracked with joy untasted ... my future my claim on living gone as I lay wasted ... but awareness came as light chased away the night ... My companion grazed close by had kept the cat away ... snow tracks around my death bed testified to his stay ... my shirt red soaked with life’s precious fluid staining the ground ... I drug my pain racked body to the saddle and started down ... past the still waiting mountain lion eyes peering from thick weeds ... the smell of my blood kept him waiting to quench his savage needs ... I looked back as he smelled my blood spilled in the snow where I lay ... then followed us for awhile before turning to find unguarded prey ... Danpatch went to equine heaven during the next season’s winter strife ... But in my dreams I still count the tracks of my friend who saved my life. . . jdm10/23/2006 based on a true occurrence with some literary license applied...My dad was a cowboy and Danpatch had been his favorite horse until he was retired to be my horse. At the time of the poem Danpatch was over twenty years old and I was 12.

Gold Star mother at Berkley city council

Onion News Network attacks tough issue effecting gas prices

Alfalfa Bill Murray

Alfalfa Bill Murray
The father of Oklahoma from Tishomingo

Number ONE issue in 2008 elections from ONN

A funny spoof that reminds me of the liberal progessive mind set!

Worth watching...thoughtfull look at attack on America~

Don't Tread on My Flag

We must be very concerned about who we elect as President and Commander in Chief...They must be willing to affirm the Christian roots of this country and the heritage of free enterprise and religious freedom. The must disavow any connection to any other world opinion than one that puts American interests first! They must pledge to never be the instrument of American submission to any authority that subverts the High Law of the Constitution of the United States.At the very least as a potential Commander In Chief of United States Armed Forces they must be able pass and receive a personal Top Secret Clearance background check that we demand of our defenders.God Bless the USA Keep us Free!
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You're nobody til 51 percent loves you
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Poem about my youthful dance with the death angel...composed on October 23, 2006

Tracks of a friend in the snow

I have lain on the path of bone chilling fear ... watched as the death angel hovered near ... Midnight I rode the trail where black lion stalked ... my steed snorting his course stayed.. balked ... I lost my seat and the moon swirled around ... my head was the first to kiss frozen ground ... My body bounced down the Arbuckles crag ... the earth drank my blood and there I laid ... and dreamed the dream of death’s opening door ... of life unlived and path’s untracked with joy untasted ... my future my claim on living gone as I lay wasted ... but awareness came as light chased away the night ... My companion grazed close by had kept the cat away ... snow tracks around my death bed testified to his stay ... my shirt red soaked with life’s precious fluid staining the ground ... I drug my pain racked body to the saddle and started down ... past the still waiting mountain lion eyes peering from thick weeds ... the smell of my blood kept him waiting to quench his savage needs ... I looked back as he smelled my blood spilled in the snow where I lay ... then followed us for awhile before turning to find unguarded prey ... Danpatch went to equine heaven during the next season’s winter strife ... But in my dreams I still count the tracks of my friend who saved my life.

. . jdm10/23/2006 based on a true occurrence with some literary license applied...My dad was a cowboy and Danpatch had been his favorite horse until he was retired to be my horse. At the time of the poem Danpatch was over twenty years old and I was 12. Gosh I miss him!

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The father of Oklahoma

The father of Oklahoma
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